Use ChatGPT to write a caption for an ad post

From this answer you will start to come up with new ideas. in targeting additional audiences Or, start having the idea of ​​doing A/B Testing to find the best audience for your ad. I also tri having ChatGPT suggest more conditions in the Behaviors category.

From the answer

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In this answer, I came up with an idea for further targeting. By referring to  Chile Phone Number List number 1, people who are interest in learning English Can use attention that is the name of the artist. So if I want someone who is interest in learning Facebook Ads, I can use my interest as an expert or KOL in digital marketing. or online advertising as well which may be a famous foreigner It all depends on whether or not the Facebook Ads system has these interests to choose from.

ChatGPT to write a caption 

If you still feel that the caption still doesn’t SG Phone List satisfy you You can ask for more, and use prompts that emphasize what you want more. You can also request additional captions. I try to use common spoken language which ChatGPT can understand.

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