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Have you noticed why anyone There are English names with strange fonts, both social media channels and various game accounts. It’s not just a name for creating an account. But also used for setting up Bio in social media such as Instagram, Line and Twitter as well. Wherever you look, everyone uses it, the more teenagers use it. because normal fonts may look too normal The sweet type, the cool type, the hip type are all covered, in fact, this strange English font is called a special character.

What are special characters?

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Special characters are special characters or symbols that are used to express various meanings. Including emoticons that express various emotions as well, which these special characters can be used in many ways, whether

  • Used to set the name for the account name. outstanding, unique
  • Use in social media, such as setting up a Bio, sending a message, or creating a sentence with a variety of fonts.
  • Can be used as a logo
  • used to express emotions

Can you see how versatile it is? And these special characters are also popular among teenagers. Therefore, many new letters or symbols have been invented to provide options for many. People have chosen to use each other in various online platforms. to make the text more outstanding, cute or cool

Plus, these special characters have many categories to choose from. Including Egypt Phone Number List special characters in English, Thai language, emojis and other special symbols In which everyone can define the message and choose the font themselves. Design by yourself. Not like anyone at all.

Examples of English special characters AZ and numbers

If talking about the most popular category Probably out of the English special characters category. Because it can be used in the most variety, plus it looks chic and hip as well, which has both lowercase letters, uppercase letters, writing or strange symbols included Will type it in chat, set Bio or name yourself SG Phone List on social media. any type works.

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