CRM for B2C businesses

That will focus on the Membership & Loyalty Management. Examples of tools in this category are ChocoCRM (see more ChocoCRM case studies here ), PRIMO or Buzzebees. That will focus on Drive Pipeline and Contact, Company & Deal relationship management. Examples of tools in this category include Venio , R-CRM , Wisible, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pipedrive.

CDP stands for Customer Data Platform CRM for B2C .

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Which people tend to misunderstand to call CRM or Marketing Automation systems as CDP quite a lot, but actually they are not the same.

CDP will be a system to Unify Customer Data from many places such as web apps, calls, chats, POS, storefronts, Martech Tools used and other channels that we have Control Over Data.

Normally, CRM or Marketing Automation systems will have some level of standalone capability.

But the CDP will focus on “Unify Customer Data” and then use it. Connect with CRM or Marketing Automation again.

If you want to see a clear picture of what CDP is like, I recommend you to try a  Kazakhstan Phone Number List Search Solution called Segment (Segment itself only deals with CDP, and the Engage will be passed on to Twilio, the parent company, and Sendgrid at It’s another company in the Twilio family.)

7. Data Visualization

Marketers don’t need data, but marketers actually need insights gained from data for further activation.

Technologies for Data Visualization Therefore, it is like a medium that collects data to enable marketers to find insights better.

If compared to the context that everyone should be able to understand It is estimated SG Phone List that Data is the soul, and Data Visualization is a doctor / medium and Insights is a message that is communicated to people.

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