Boomerang Employee

Boomerang Employee is to resign once and then come back to work at the same place with higher experience. to ask for a salary at a higher rate as well

According to a report by the World Economic Boomerang Employee Forum, 28% of them received a higher salary than changing jobs and applying for new ones indefinitely.

This kind of work trend Boomerang Employee

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Becoming more and more common in today’s job market. because companies Recognize the value of hiring someone who is already familiar with the culture, values ​​and processes of the company.

Hiring employees who are already familiar with the company saves the company time and money recruiting and onboarding new employees. It also brings new experiences and perspectives to the company.

If appropriately screened by the Boomerang Employee group, the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List organization has retained one of its valuable human resources.

DEI is New Normal

In the future, many employees, most likely Gen Z, will start looking for a SG Phone List place to work rather than good enough welfare. but also looking at the workplace environment that values ​​the ‘DEI’ value.

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. acceptance of differences in dimensions Regardless of race, gender, or even age.
According to a survey by Indeed and Glassdoor , 62 percent of employees in the US either declined a job or quit. If they think leaders in their organizations are not showing support for diversity in the workplace.

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