Platform thinking: Brands must build a network

Imagine a picture of The network that connects the data transmission network in the 2G era has retreat in 2010. We may see it as a loose and sparse network. But if it is now, in 2023, from 2 Zettabytes of data, it can reach more than 100 Zettabytes, which means that the network Networks have to multiply, become more complex, the data both sent and receiv back. How fast will it be? And then imagine in the future, in the year 2035, the network and information will multiply many times. If you think in a pipeline, this means that the business will have to own the entire internet network, social media, including the website group and KOL influencers, not counting the consumers. with decision-making power be a mouthpiece and as a medium in themselves All of which would be impossible.

So what the messenger

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Business can do best is by creating a network of meanings link to ‘Consumers’ consideration and purchase decision path’ must therefore go back and analyze themselves to distinguish whether What opportunities are Paraguay Phone Number List there to connect (Connect) the groups of consumers who are most likely to consume our products and services? That will be discuss in the section of the second pillar of thought next.

Today’s consumer mindset is shatter. (Fragmentation) creates opportunities for new market segmentation that is multiplied as well.

Nowadays, it is possible that a particular product or service may answer many groups Especially in an era where consumers have various nee. split into subgroups (Fragmentation, Segmentation) many

For example, the product is organic brown rice porridge.

If you think from the point of view of working people, this is a healthy SG Phone List breakfast.

But if thinking from the perspective of the elderly It is a nutritious food, easy to chew, easy to swallow, easy to digest.

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