The Product Is Organic Brown Rice Porridge

If you think from the perspective of parents who have children It could be the children’s breakfast. better than cereal. Or if viewed from a bodybuilder’s point of view It can be a great pre-gym meal with protein like chicken. Because there are minerals that help transport protein to the muscles faster, more, etc.

At this point, brands can communicate multiple Unique Selling Points (USPs) and conduct A/B/C/D Testing to see how well each USP is being responded to, which USP content is being responded to by which audience. Well, today we have to leave the boundaries of traditional marketing where brands try to communicate one utility, one key message, to one target group. Because there are many media or intermediaries.

Pillar 2: Marketing thinks with the brain, while Branding happens 

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Big bag, good price, lots of benefits, very delicious, everyone can use it, try it, you won’t be disappointed, it’s worth it. After using it, you will look handsome. Eat and be beautiful. Face will bounce up in 5 days. Definitely more popular than friends. Look rich, not really embarrassed. Use it and don’t want to change. Switch to use and you will like it. add volume free buy now Panama Phone Number List discount immediately If you don’t buy, you will miss it. Buy 1 get 1 free, etc.

We are probably familiar with

Words of persuasion like this. It’s very stimulating. cause a desire And most probably believe that it is a tool to generate a lot of sales. Many people call it Promotion, but I would like to count it in the Marketing side, which is ‘I want to sell, I want the results I want’.

Just do it, The Value You Deserve, Moments of Warmth, Happiness Never Melts, A Diamond is forever, “You never really own a Patek Philippe. You simply look after it for the next generation” or “It’s Finger Lickin. ‘Good!

I believe that many people, when they read it, immediately know what SG Phone List brand it is. The experiences you had with these brands will appear in your mind. and various feelings that used to happen will flow

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