Building Trustworthy

Although there are more competitors this year. But in the end, the store needs a channel that helps close sales and increase customers in the long run. which the confidence (Trustworthy) is important. 

This year, we focus on the Social Sales feature that will increase the trust between sellers and buyers. This approach helps expand the market size by Building Trustworthy  20% per year because it is a matter of trust and relationship that is a competitive point. of LINE SHOPPING.

Support New Seller Building Trustworthy 

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We will have something new That helps to build trust for new stores. so Luxembourg Phone Number List that new stores can be opened to build confidence among customers and continue to develop by themselves.

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, consumer behavior SG Phone List has begun to change. Online business therefore plays a huge role in the daily lives of consumers. From the survey results of The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) found that during COVID-19, More and more people are shopping online. and use the Internet for more news, health issues, and entertainment. 

which for online business Can’t deny that Beautiful product images that fit the brand imageIt is another way to make target audiences more interested in products and services. A survey by Digital Information World found that 88% of people say that product images influence their purchasing decisions. 


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