If time can be allocated

It’s very interesting. I am currently studying and experimenting with this method. Because if we can work at full efficiency in 4 days, then we can work for only 4 days and use the rest of the day to increase energy. It would be better to rest fully. I’ve heard that in Thailand there are some companies that have started adjusting as well. and believe in the future Thailand will gradually can be modified to work like this.

Let’s come to the popular trend like

We have to admit that the resignation of the child is over. It’s something every company understands and knows, so it should be in the plan that we can control. Therefore, what should be focused on is how to make them happy when they are together and when they leave each other for good. in good welfare A society that is ready to support his learning.

Wow, so welfare at Mission To The Moon is all about learning and books, right?

Regarding knowledge, we see it as an opportunity Austria Phone Number List for employees to develop their interests. which is something we want to promote As for the welfare of the book I’m a big believer in the power of books. So I want to encourage people to like and read more books.

It’s a very good thing. This time, let’s talk about some adjustments in this era. 

I think of a sentence that P’Joe Thana used to say, “Old people should do the old parts. New people, do new parts.” This statement is very powerful and clear. Even SG Phone List though we say we have to adapt, of course, there are people who may not be ready to adapt to the changing tide. Whether it’s for conceptual reasons, age or experience, but we can’t force him.

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