Clinic: Clinic business

KPI is Lead Generation, focusing on filling in forms to allow Sale to close sales, meeting marketing objectives. Therefore, selecting a target group with purchasing power is  a very important part. Because in addition to getting Lead according to the KPI, the customer must also be able to close the sale of the project.

Challenging Obstacles: 

The beauty business has never out of the top 3 businesses with growth rates in Thailand. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, that makes the competition in this line of business very Brazil Phone Number List high as well. Everyone can build a prototype on the social media world. To win, a brand must have a detailed marketing strategy and a customer journey that delivers the best possible customer experience.

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Selected strategy: 

Study the behavior and purchase path of your target audience. Therefore choose a strategy to buy advertising media that focuses on images and videos because the clinic business will definitely focus on reviews. In addition to various promotions Including the clip of the doctor who came to educate the target audience as well. However, of course, one should also be careful of illegal actions on various platforms as well.

As for the measurement, of course, most customer behaviors SG Phone List still like to respond to chats, which are counted as Leads, but the Digisaws team doesn’t just measure results. We track sales and ROAS as well in order to optimize exactly. Including if going to the website We still have tracking conversions, whether it’s registration, adding Line, calling, etc.

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