Consent Management

Cookie Wow is a system to help create a cookie banner (Cookie Consent Banner) according to PDPA principles.

Content Shifu used to review Cookie Wow in detail, you can go to see more here.

Cookie Plus

Cookie Plus is a cookie management system. Scan cookies with automatic categorization, support for Google Consent Mode, fix conversion reporting problems, and see Dashboard in detail.


Easycookies is a system to help create Cookie Popups according to PDPA principles.

Thai Martech Tools Collaboration & Consent Management

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This line of Martech will help you manage tasks and work together as a team.


TRUE VWORLD is a Video Conference and Collaboration system. that allows the management of various tasks More effectively under the product name called VROOM, VWORK and VLEARN.


Project management system with Kanban Board and OKR for smooth project management.


And here are the various Martech Providers in Thailand that I have gathered for you.

It’s your turn

Which Martech are you currently using? Or is there any that I haven’t SG Phone List introduced in this article? Let’s talk further in the comments!

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