In this day and age

Many people have probably heard the word “Influencers” have been through the ears for a while. Because reading reviews from real users as well as “influencers” before shopping has become something we avid shoppers do on a regular basis. Also, many young people dream of becoming an influencer to earn extra income while they are studying. Or some people of working age see it as a career that can generate secondary income as well.

What exactly is an influencer? What are your duties? and must study in the faculty Which branch is suitable for stepping into the industry? Let’s come together to find out from this article. Ready to tell the secret (not) secret to being a mother-level influencer, don’t wait, come and see.

What is an influencer job?

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Influencer is a person who influences the decision of the target group. including Mexico Phone Number List consumer groups, whether purchase decision follow-up decisions Deciding to participate in brand activities, influencers need to have social media followers who are the brand’s target audience and knowledge and understanding about products, services or activities. of the brand to effectively reach the target audience

How many types of influencers are there?

Influencers can be divided into several categories. whether the number of followers or the nature of the content made

divided by the number of followers

  • Mega-Influencers/ Celebrity / Mass Publisher (1,000,000 followers or more) These types of influencers are usually offline celebrities such as celebrities, singers, athletes who have more than 1 million followers on social media. various social media as a person who has SG Phone List the ability to create content professionally Have a clear and outstanding lifestyle, thus becoming a leader in various trades that occurs on social media in a wide range of followers and general consumers Whether doing challenges through online channels music dance or dressing.  Suitable for: major brands As it costs the most among all types of influencers, Mega Influencers also often have managers who will take care of collaborating agreements for influencer marketing.

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