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From previous platforms. Most of them are #Korean because teenagers who play Twitter often use it as a community for people who fan of Korean series, so there are many schools that choose to market Korean language on Twitter and get good feedback.

Summary of Market Research online course different Hashtags

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From an overview of online courses in the past 1 month It’s the time when kids prepare for #Dek66 exams. They pay the most attention to online courses. Therefore, most of the courses that have been discussed are language courses or exam preparation courses. 

Facebook –

The most talked about language online course To penetrate the #Dek66 group, but most users are parents. Marketing on Facebook should be done by strategizing to get parents who are actually paying to like our course.


The target audience is mostly school age. And language courses are still the most talked about. But there is a trend called #Studygram where children prepare for exams to create inspirational content. We can use this trend to find influencers to promote our courses.

Twitter – 

The group is quite focused on Korean lines. and mainly learning Korean El Salvador WhatsApp Number List Because it is the platform with the most K-Pop community. 

All of the above 

This is just an example of using Social Listening Tools to do market research as a whole. The method should start from looking at the big picture and slowly tapping into each platform that interests us to analyze the market. 

There are many dimensions of using Social Listening Tools to find insights SG Phone List and the behavior of the target audience. In the next article of Content Shifu, we will take this tool to improve marketing efficiency. What other implementation strategies will there be? Let’s wait to follow.


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