Do Keyword Mapping

After the process of using Keyword Tool and detecting from competitors We will get a certain set of keywords that are suitable for our channel. The last step is Use those keywords for Keyword Mapping. 

Keyword Mapping is the identification of keywords for content. in order to plan content to be in line with the keywords that people are searching for Here’s how:

How to do Keyword Mapping

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Step 1

Consider a primary key that has many extended minor keys. Then group the secondary keys. by dividing into groups according to the same topic  

For example, suppose the primary key is “Online Marketing” with a secondary key as shown below.

Step 2

Regroup secondary keys by the same topic to be in the same group as follows

Online Marketing Theory Group

  • online marketing
  • Online marketing is
  • What does online marketing do?

online marketing trend group

  • online marketing trend 2023 
  • online marketing trends
  • latest online marketing

Group Online Marketing TikTok

  • TikTok Online Marketing
  • Teach Online Marketing TikTok
  • Do Online Marketing TikTok

Step 3

Then do Keyword Mapping is to indicate that What are content France Phone Number List keywords? The content of the content must be consistent with the keywords. Example as pictured


One of the factors that make a YouTube channel successful. Having a lot of views and followers is doing YouTube Keyword Reseach, which is a search that What words does your audience use to search for videos? And what kind of content do you like to watch and want to share with others?

The 4 steps of the method, namely 1. Keyword 2. Using SG Phone List Keyword Tool 3. Investigating competitors 4. Keyword Mapping, have been fully explained in the article. which I believe If the reader has applied the above methods It will help to create videos that resonate with viewers. Increase the chances of having more views and followers for sure. 

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