Do Market Research

Market research can be done in many ways, including surveys, user inquiries, interviews, observations and listening to consumer opinions from online media. The information that should be emphasiz is Competitor information such as sales, market share, costs, profits, sales information Albania Phone Number List demographic information.

Business trends, sales, production, exports and forecasts to analyze data to create marketing strategies that are right for consumers. and enhance existing strategies to stand out different from competitors .

Shoot ads, do A/B Testing

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After doing Market Research and finding Insight of the target audience.

Digital marketers ne to set up advertising campaigns on highly target SG Phone List online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok to promote their business and brand. by having to shoot.

Advertisements through that channel By using A/B Testing method, it is a marketing test by dividing the audience into 2 groups to test campaign marketing strategies such as content, images and promotions to determine which marketing style works better. And which format is suitable for which target group?

Analyze the performance of various campaigns. 

After the online advertisement has been releas. Brands must measure to see if the ads they plan to deliver are effective and help achieve their brand objectives.

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