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The Google website, there will be font distribution terms under the Open Font License (OFL) , which is a standard condition that tells people who use our files that In what ways can the On copyright owner allow the font to be ud? which we should read and understand before using to prevent copyright infringement later.

Collection of terms for using free font Fonts On

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Here are the main conditions. Most of the free  that if the creator of the font Fonts On set it  You ne to follow the instructions. or if you want to use more than that You will have to pay to extend the framework.

 This font is free for personal use only.

This type of free font is a free font that the owner Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List allows for personal use (Personal Use) which is a non-profit, such as making birthday cards. report to teachers, etc.

Therefore, anyone who wants to download beautiful Thai  for free for commercial use. Should pay attention to the terms of this type of free fonts well. Because if accidentally us, it will easily infringe copyright.

2This font is free for certain works only.

While some beautiful  are allow for personal use, in some SG Phone List cases, Fonts On these free fonts can be turn into “system fonts” to be displaye on websites or applications. It may be a copyright infringement.

must look carefully that Are the free  that we have load allow to be used as system fonts? which if the owner doesn’t allow it, then we really want to use this font have to contact to Fonts On request to buy the copyright.

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