This font is free to use. unconditional

This type of font is a free font that the owner allows for both commercial and personal use. Not violating any copyright because the owner agrees But there may be a small trade-off. that the owner asks to perform To encourage further work, for example, ask to attach credit. Please donate (donate), ask free to use not to imitate, modify or remake, etc.

Paid Font Limitations You Should Know free to use

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If it’s a beautiful font or cool fonts wasting money There are not many Iceland WhatsApp Number List copyright issues. Because we have already paid for the license, it should be Font Download and can be us unlimitedly, right?

But spending money to buy Thai fonts even though it’s the same font There are different price rates. which the designation here will be determin by the dance producer himself Before buying, you should read carefully whether it covers your work or not. The main limitations are as follows:

Limit number of devices

It is a requirement for small companies. with a number of employees of 5-10 people who can download only a certain number of fonts If you want to increase the number of machines that Font Download can install may have to negotiate with the font distributors

Limited number of copies (for printing)

In Print Media such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, souvenirs, and others SG Phone List that use fonts in that event. There will be limitations of production not exceeding the Thai font distributors specifi, such as no more than 50 copies or 1,000 copies, etc., with the number of Copy often increasing according to higher price rates.

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