What will be the future direction

It can be said that this era is the era of online trading or Social Commerce where everyone can own a shop by themselves. which the first platform What we will think of when talking about online sales is probably ‘LINE SHOPPING’, right?

Today, Content Shifu had a chance to talk to Khun What will be  Lerthat Supadilok, Business Director of eCommerce – LINE Thailand, about the future.

Social Commerce in Thailand, what has chang, and what LINE SHOPPING and stores/brands are. must cope with the changes in 2023 .

This interview will take everyone to find answers through.

The vision of the Jordan Phone Number List leader of the Social Commerce market in Thailand!

How do you think the trend What will be What will be 

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If talking about Social Commerce, we can easily call.

It the buying-selling behavior via Social Media, no matter who can sell things.

If it was 2 years ago, there might have been only a few apps. But now every app is trying to monetize or make more in-app purchases.

Has the behavior of sellers and buyers 

Speak in terms of the seller first. Which LINE SHOPPING already SG Phone List focuses on customer relationships.

What does a good product image consist of? And what are some selling photo-editing apps that make it easy to make product photos? Let’s find out together at this article.

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