What is Generative AI

In this article, I will open up the universe of Generative AI to you. But if giving a simple suggestion Therefore, in this article, I will try 1. writing an article “What is Generative AI?” by myself and 2. writing an article writing an article “What is Generative AI?” by using Generative AI. Help (and continue to tweak)

Then it will be compared for you to see which one has better quality. And how much time does each design take?

If you are ready, let’s open the Generative AI universe together!

Test method (Methodology)

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I write content in Notion (the system I use to write articles on Japan Phone Number List both for Content Shifu and for my personal use) and let the Graphic Designer in my team design Featured Images and Images for Social Media with Adobe Illustrator, timed via Clickup (Project Management program used by Content Shifu.

Let the AI ​​help you write

I use ChatGPT as a helper to draft an outline and write content SG Phone List for me. and use the features Canvas Text-to-Image to Create Featured Images and Social Media Images

Likewise, I copy the text created by ChatGPT to store on the Notion and use Clickup to measure the time.

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