Coding is New Global Language

It can be seen that the high-demand occupational groups The future is often a position with high tech skills.

That is because when businesses become more digital (Digital Transformation) and rely more on technology. The ability to understand and work with code as another language in the world is becoming more and more valuable. This makes programming skills, known as Coding, become one of the skills that are becoming more and more essential.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone has to start programming right away. But just have to be open-minded, accept and follow the news of technology more. Should have enough knowledge to communicate about technology

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Soft Skills Coding is New 

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Although Hard Skills are still necessary to continue working. but at the same time Many companies are also beginning to recognize the importance of Soft Skills.

Many people may understand that the trend of remote work will make soft skills become unnecessary. But in reality it was the complete opposite.

Because when we work without seeing each other, people don’t feel connected through interaction. Making working as a team with Remote work becomes a job that requires more effective communication skills.

It can be seen that any job position requires a great deal of interpersonal skills. because in the end we cannot avoid the word ‘colleagues’ at all in the working society

Second Jobs

It can be seen that today’s work trend is starting to look for people with skills and experience SG Phone List rather than considering educational qualifications. Trying to find a job like a second job can also be an option to build your profile on your resume.

A Second Job can also provide opportunities to develop new skills or pursue interests outside of your primary job. This can lead to personal growth. (Self-Development) and in the profession This will increase career opportunities and foster passion in the workplace as well.

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