Process of Image Optimization

The Image Optimization process consists of 3 steps:

  • Use a website audit tool. to find out which images ne optimization.
  • When you know the picture, consider what the Image Optimization problem is and how to fix it.
  • Take action to fix image problems with images.

Let’s go into detail step by step.

Use Tools to Check Image Image Optimization

The first step of Image Optimization is to find out what images on our website ne to be optimiz. 

who knows the above information Validation tools are requir. This article introduces 2 tools as follows.

1. PageSpe ​​Insights

PageSpe ​​Insights (PSI) is a webpage Core Web Vitals tool. To get a better Core Web Vitals Iran WhatsApp Number List score, what “web page elements” should be improv?

Because images are one of the components of a web page. We can therefore use PSI to verify that Which images ne to be optimiz? PSI will tell you the details. Which images of web pages ne to be improv? What is the problem with that image, along with how to improve it in detail?

How to use PSI

  1. Go to the PageSpe ​​Insight tool.
  2. Enter the URL you want to check in “Enter a web page URL” >> Click Analyze.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a tool that checks the Core Web Vitals of all web pages SG Phone List of your website. The tool will inform you that Each web page has a Core Web Vitals status of “Fail” (nee improvement) or “Pass” (pas the criteria).

In practice, we use Google Search Console in conjunction with PSI, first by using GSC to check which webpages of a website have the “Fail” Core Web Vitals status, and then re-checking the pages that ne improvement in PSI. to find out which images to optimize.

Read our article on using GSC to review Core Web Vitals.

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