Why are images important

According to a Digital Information World survey, 77% said product images helped them gain confidence and dare to purchase a product on a website they had never purchased before. Therefore, product images are clear. And beautiful can help build credibility for the brand. Because consumers can visualize the product before receiving it. make confidence in the quality of the product Including giving confidence to the brand as well.

Directly convey the image of the brand images important 

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Product images can show a brand image. Including what brands can focus on, such as the Lebanon Phone Number List brand NYX that released PRIDE ULTIMATE SHADOW PALETTE products to support gender equality.

Attract the attention of the target audience.

As you know, product images are the first thing consumers see. Therefore, having a clear picture efficient And match the needs of the target audience, for example having the right color, size and style to match the needs of the target audience can help create an impression. 

Increase product sales

Of course, effective product images can help drive consumers’ desire to buy. Including increasing product sales Because the brand’s unique product image contributes to the purchasing decision of consumers.

Quickly provide detailed information about the product.

effective product images Clearly display product details in every corner SG Phone List of the product, allowing consumers to understand the product better in a short time. It also provides useful information for consumers to make purchasing decisions.

Believe that many people used to add the word “near me” to the end when looking for a store or service.

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