Is the meaning of the picture correct or not

Personally, I think there are two ways to use CC images correct or not that are correct and safe:

  • consistent with the meaning of the picture, for example, if writing a story The way to market on Facebook is to use symbols of Social Media to accompany, etc.
  • visual media Let me give you an example with the image below. As an illustration of an article on the webbastard website, written on the issue that “When changing keywords, how will business results improve.

Immediately saw and understood  correct or not

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The author wanted to convey. Plus it attracts people to want to read more articles.

Immediately saw and understood what the author wanted to convey. Plus it attracts people to want to Malta WhatsApp Number List read more articles.


Even though the above methods It’s what I use and I think is the surest way to get free images from the internet. But due to the complexity of copyright laws before using the image every time You should read the terms to fully understand. and the author cannot guarantee that The above method will make you 100% free of lawsuits.


Beautiful images related to the content. It is important to make the content interesting and easy to share. SG Phone List Free images, no copyright, or free vector images must have 2 characteristics: 

  1. Copyright CC 
  2. Appears a clear CC sign.

However, even though the CC license is open, there are some limitations, which 4 methods will greatly reduce the chance that you will be sued for copyright infringement.

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