Just talking about the Martech tools

The important thing in choosing a Martech tool is choosing based on the objectives and suitability for that campaign. If we are going to measure website results, we should use Google Analytics, but if we want to measure ‘Traffic websites that come from ads’, we should have Facebook. Pixel comes in to help measure results. But if we are going to measure social media engagement, we have to use Social Media Analytics.

Everything has to look back at the purpose of marketing. before choosing a tool

But just Martech tools alone. It’s not enough for marketing to be fully effective, so we have to combine it with techniques and experience .

Starting from using techniques to analyze data and follow up on real-time Greece Phone Number List marketing results by using Martech tools to help measure and monitor data more accurately. Let’s make tools and techniques even more effective.

[Success Case] ​​Examples of business success measured by Performance Marketing 

to see more of each other Let’s take an example of a case study from a business that Digisaws has taken care of and implemented a Performance Marketing strategy to achieve the set goals.

Real Estate: Real Estate Business

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Challenging Obstacles:

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, during the past 2 years, the real estate business has faced challenging situations both in terms of economy and market. Customers’ purchase decisions in this business usually take a long time already. But when the virus outbreak It makes the decision to buy longer.

The real estate business has therefore adjusted its strategy to online marketing instead in order to collect Lead Generation and contact to close the sale completely.

Selected strategy:

To overcome online and offline barriers, Digisaws SG Phone List chooses a proactive and reactive marketing strategy, with Facebook being proactive. For the target group to be interested in the project, while Google is a passive marketing, when people have demand and want to buy, they will search on Google.

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