Talk to Leng Siriwat

At the event  ‘ Mission To The Moon Forum 2023: Work-Life Improvement, improve life and work skills today ‘  on May 27, 2023 at Samyan Mitrtown Hall.

In the event, there is a full seminar session from leading speakers in Thailand who come to deliver ideas. Share experiences from people who have worked before. to the day of success resulting in full knowledge, especially.

Session: The Art of Networking by Khun Leng – Siriwat Wongjarukorn and Khun Keng – Sittipong Sirimaskasem

That will bring about the issue of creating a good networking and developing skills to interact with others in the work and life circles.

We therefore interviewed Khun Leng-Siriwat Wongjarukorn, CEO of MFEC, the leader in IT Solutions in Thailand who works in big projects like AIS and KBank. How will it be?

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Leng Siriwat Wongjarukorn, CEO of MFEC in IT Solutions in Thailand.

Let’s start with the topic that the new generation wants to know like ‘Networking Sweden Phone Number List VS Skill’ as a CEO who works with multi-generational people. What do you think is more important? And is it necessary?

Networking is more important. The fact that we have a good or bad networking requires the same effort. Being able to reach this point is because of good networking and no matter how good we are. But if no one sees it, it’s sad.

But for people who are not good at socializing But working very well

I understand this. But even if they are not good at SG Phone List socializing and being an Introvert, introverts still have friends or social circles of Introverts as well, right? That’s Networking. The important thing is observing opportunities 


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