What are Social Listening Tools?

Social Listening Tools is an online marketing tool for gathering insights of audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., who says about our brand. What keywords do you use? And what do they want from the brand?

The main purpose of this tool there for us ‘Hear the customer’s voice (Sentiment)’ both good and bad to analyze needs. catch the trend Set up marketing strategies and monitors to prepare for various Cyprus WhatsApp Number List situations. that may affect the brand in a timely manner.

What is ZOCIAL EYE Listening Tools

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ZOCIAL EYE is a complete social listening tool from WISESIGHT for large organizations with features that cover all purposes.

And in 2022, WISESIGHT has updated new, more detailed features to capture insights through images and logos, adding Intelligence Analytics features to help marketers analyze insights more easily.

It can also store data via Instagram Reel and TikTok.

ZOCIAL EYE has 3 types of display screens:

  • Campaign View: An overview of the campaigns collected from the keywords we choose to use.
  • Comparison View: Comparison view for each group of keywords. Suitable for brands with product lines or exploring markets with many categories.
  • Trend View: Shows trends related to the keywords we searched for.

Suitable for: Enterprise businesses or Advertising & Entertainment and Branding groups.

That need to keep up with social trends and need a large amount of data to analyze and plan marketing strategies with brand advertisements. With the features of ZOCIAL EYE, it is very suitable for SG Phone List organizations and businesses like this.

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