Love Data Analysis

In addition to being familiar with marketing Another field that digital marketing analysts ne to pay attention to is data analytics. Because most of the time is spent analyzing data and creating reports to present to the relevant people.

Skills you should have to become a top Digital Marketing Analyst

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Hard Skills

  • Marketing Skill: Having an understanding of marketing, being SG Phone List able to find Customer Insight, Market Research, and information relat to advertising campaigns or company products. To bring data to shoot ads, set up A/B Testing
  • Program and Tool Skill Use various tools and programs. to help in effective online marketing Whether it’s a media program to present the results of a campaign like Canva , Microsoft PowerPoint or a numerical analysis program like Microsoft Excel.
  • Data Visualization It can transform complex insights into graphs. or charts that everyone can understand easily

Soft Skills

  • Analytical Thinking Skill Analyze and evaluate marketing campaigns. and manage insights to come up with a strategic model that will help campaigns achieve the goals of the business and brand and improve efficiency.
  • Communication Skills are skill in presenting reports and advice to those involv with ease. and can explain statistical data Including the results of the campaign to be easy to understand.
  • Lifelong Learning Skill Like to learn new things. and always Azerbaijan Phone Number List ready to learn Because they ne to be updat about the use of social media and digital marketing tools.
  • Strategic Approach Skill (think big picture) Think big picture of your goals and the best way to achieve them to optimize your marketing campaigns for lasting results.

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