Magic Presentation

For those who have tons of ideas in making slides for presentations can tell ideas. And the desired slide format is a short word. A few words to let Magic Presentation professionally draft a slide layout that meets your nee. after that can edit Add more slide formats as need.

Nowadays, many

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May have heard of ChatGPT helping you write content to help marketers or brands who are stuck on ideas in terms of topics and content. Canva now has a Magic Write featur.

Which allows you to write content by simply entering the subject you want to write on. It can save time in searching for information and is suitable for marketers, writers or students who are involve with writing. Plus, this feature is available in 18 languages.

Text to Image

For those who have the image idea they want in their head but can’t find Hungary Phone Number List the right image. You can use the Text to Image feature to describe the ideas that come to mind while choosing the desir image style. After that, the system will create images that match the ideas in your head to choose as you like.

Create an Animation

Nowadays, video content is gaining momentum across all channels SG Phone List including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Attractive is therefore important to keep in mind. You can create videos easily by using the Create an Animation feature to create videos of the desir length. Plus, you can add text, stickers, sounds, and custom scenes from any video that Canva offers for free.

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