Project Management & Collaboration

Nowadays, there are many project management technologies such as Trello, Notion, Asana , Clickup that help tell which tasks, who needs to be done and when needs to be completed.

Or if you want to chat with each other, using Slack or Lark is a good move. because it will keep work and personal matters separate

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* Not that LINE is bad, LINE is very good, but LINE is not suitable for work that requires coordination with many people because it mixes with personal matters. and some files are missing

** As for LINE, it would be difficult to quit at all. I understand that I still have to use LINE to talk to customers and partners. But if it’s Internal Communication, I go Slack 100%.

Web3 Project Management 

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Although at present, there are still not many successful commercial use cases of Web3 in Thailand. and the flow began to subside (After the trend of Generative AI rises)

But I think it’s still an important technology waiting to blossom when the time comes.

Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been around for a long time and many businesses have already used it, and NFTs can be used for new forms of marketing or community building.

Try to understand and monitor it periodically. and until the day it blossoms You will be ready to grow with it.


And here are 12 marketing technologies that I would like to introduce to every Jamaica Phone Number List future marketer. acquaintance

Many things may be unfamiliar or seem new. But if you try to understand You will encounter a whole new world of marketing that you may not yet have experienced.

it’s your turn

If you think there are any stories that me and other readers think. Should know/know SG Phone List more Let’s continue to talk in the comments.

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