Martech Tools trends

In this article, we will take you to look at the trend of Martech

Tools in terms of InsightEra , a technology leader who understands the Thai market and is an End-to-end Martech Solution that offers a wide range of technologies and services that fully meet the needs of Thai businesses.

If you want to know which tools are coming and in what aspects they will develop, go read 6 Martech Tools Trends in the future with the perspective of Khun Yok Nareerat Sae-Tiao, CEO & Co-Founder of InsightEra.

Social Listening Tools Trend

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From the report Digital 2023: Thailand from Data Reportal said that Hong Kong Phone Number List Thailand has 52.25 million Social Media Users in January 2023, which is 72.8% of the population of Thailand.

It can be said that social

Media is almost one with Thai people. And that makes tools like Social Listening Tools, an online marketing tool for collecting insights into audiences on social media. It is very important for marketers.

If your business wants to provide a seamless SG Phone List customer experience. And can maintain him for a long time Chatbot Platform is one of the tools that businesses should consider using.

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