What are the most mentioned keywords?

In addition to the platform We also see that The most talked about keyword is course + online Followed by free courses , Facebook courses and language courses. 

When looking at sub keywords, you will see that mentioned keywords language courses are the hottest. Followed by about applying for a job.

And in the picture below mentioned keywords

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The Matching Detail that mentions Main Keyword and Sub Keyword in the same sentence. Makes us see the purpose and trend of the online course market that Language courses are the hottest and followed by online courses for applying for jobs.

When we see a brief overview, let’s try to ask a question. What do we want to know from this market research to analyze each point?

  1. Each platform to market (Facebook, Instagram Twitter), who Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List is the target audience? What kind of courses are popular?
  2. Which content platform gets the best engagement?
  3. What are the hot trends and trends for online courses?

After getting some questions Ginger will come to analyze point by point. By starting from looking at the overview of each platform first.

 Facebook language

There are 2,678 mentions of online courses on the Facebook platform and 714,97 engagements in 1 month.

Most of the target groups are working ages 25-34, 35-44 and followed by teenagers and adults over 45 years old . The ZOCIAL EYE algorithm will detect the use of suffixes. Therefore, SG Phone List there may be discrepancies. So look at only the age range.

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