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Normally, ZOCIAL EYE is a system that big brands us because the price is quite high Starting at about 30,000 baht per month, but Content Shifu talk to Wisesight and he understands that Social Listening is also important for small and medium-siz businesses. So they made a smaller special More Recommended package. (Fewer features) and 10 times cheaper than the package for larger companies, starting at 2,500 baht per month, increasing

This is a special package that they don’t sell in general. If anyone is Estonia WhatsApp Number List interest, click on this link or contact Wisesight’s LINE and inform Code ‘contentshifu’ Wisesight will offer a special package.

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Want a cool Thai font? But it’s difficult to find a free font that you like.

Choosing a font (font) to suit the product is an important aspect of business design. because in addition to the font being used to convey information to the target audience different font styles It gives different feelings according to what we want to convey as well.

This article collects free fonts

Beautiful Thai characters of all genres, including cute teenage styles, vintage, cool SG Phone List Thai independent fonts. with a distinctive identity It can be used on both computers and mobile phones. Most importantly, it is free and can be used for both personal and commercial use. which the author believes fonts in this article It will help the publication of your product or service. outstandingly beautiful It definitely conveys the emotion that corresponds to your brand.


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