Macro-Influencers/ Key Opinion Leaders

  • Most of the following Mega Influencers are celebrities, net idols, YouTubers or successful subject matter experts. Known in some channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for their ability to build brand awareness (Brand Awareness) to their followers, Macro Influencers are more accessible than Mega Influencers . in influencer marketing Or medium-sized brands that want to penetrate more target groups.


celebrities with personal preferences or have specific knowledge that is deep knowledge I know for sure that I have a follower who is a disciple in that matter. and have similar lifestyles, with the Netherlands Mobile Number List ability to reach followers well due to their friendliness and easily accessible Able to professionally create content that meets the needs and attracts followers with the same interests. Suitable for: Mid-range brands that have an existing customer base who want to create engagement and have a budget. moderate


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People who are famous and remembered among their acquaintances or friends in specific areas such as school stars, university month, or student council presidents. by being able to reach a group of followers closely Feel like telling your friends more than propaganda It also gains credibility from SG Phone List the followers because it is more real than other groups. Makes it possible to create a good amount of engagement (Engagement) as well. Suitable for: brands with a limited budget. But want to reach more specific target groups I want to do word-of-mouth marketing rather than direct advertising. 

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