Keep your name short, easy to remember

long naming and too difficult to read or understand It may be one of the reasons people who are interested in entering our website do not remember the domain name. What’s more, there is a chance that people who visit our website will not remember the brand’s image ever.

Do not set a domain name that is too strange

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Although the previous point suggests uniqueness. But that name Benin Phone Number List shouldn’t be weird. rude or too difficult to access because it will affect your own business Both in terms of image, recognition and credibility of the brand.

Avoid using initials and abbreviations.

For this, it may be strange to many people why one should avoid using initials. Because brands like Yves Saint Laurent can still use it as a website.

Of course, this is an exception for brands with SG Phone List long names. which may be difficult to remember Affect description and marketing But if the brand name or domain name you have in mind is short, concise and easy to understand. Using initials can confuse people. and sometimes such abbreviation may match the organization. or other brands It’s easy to misunderstand. so if not necessary Please avoid setting the domain as a short name.

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