Different prompts, results change

Another thing to note is that entering the prompt is slightly different. May result in what you get from ChatGPT is quite different.

For example, if I type Prompt 2 as below. The results from the first prompt, ChatGPT, may provide general information. As for the output from the second prompt, it may be in the form of an article with a title, an introductory title, and a synopsis.

Therefore, in theory, prompt writers should know how ChatGPT responds to each prompt. What should be a good prompt structure? To be able to instruct ChatGPT to create the answer that meets the needs the most.

Get to Know AIPRM for ChatGPT : An Awesome Tool to Create Content

The problem is in the real world. Not everyone is proficient in Prompts. If we are Norway Phone Number List just starting out with ChatGPT, the question is how can we create a Prompt to make ChatGPT work as intend?

The above problem can be solv with AIPRM for ChatGPT tool.

AIPRM for ChatGPT is a program that works with ChatGPT. Its function is that AIPRM converts the text that the user type into the appropriate prompt, allowing ChatGPT to provide the information that the user needs.

Highlights of AIPRM

By entering a word or a sentence, you can tell ChatGPT to generate article ideas, come up with a topic, quickly write a paragraph that corresponds to the topic. with almost no knowledge of coding at all

Thai language support [ suitable for use with ChatGPT Plus ]

AIPRM supports Thai language Promt. personally think quality SG Phone List works may not be great But it is us as a raw material for further use without much correction.

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