Google announces “Product Reviews Update”

For this Product Reviews update, it’s actually released continuously. Since last year, because Google has realized that people prefer reading reviews that are more in-depth than small, detailed summaries about a product or product. Therefore, anyone who is a review writer will come and write a simple summary review. may not be enough

As of 2022, the first update Reviews Update

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Starting March 2022, focuses on quality product and service review sites. Based on credibility Namibia WhatsApp Number List and benefit to readers.

which shortly after In July and September 2022, Google released another Product Reviews update, this time primarily affecting English review content.

Although this latest update will focus on English review content. But it’s enough to tell SG Phone List the trend as well that content in other languages. Like the Thai language itself, it has to be adapted as well. In addition to preparing to deal with Google’s updates, in fact, the guidelines that Google has issued, as we ourselves are both content creators and content users, quite agree and want to see reviews like this. too

Things that reviewers can’t miss, as recommended by Google, are:

  • Review products with knowledge that is expert or really skilled. as appropriate
  • Show a picture of what the product looks like. and methods of use that are not provided by the brand
  • Review the differences from competitors of the product.
  • Product Comparison Reviews and explain which one is better for which situation or context
  • Review the benefits and disadvantages of the product.
  • For products with old and new models Write a review of how the new model improves on the old model. What’s the problem? to help readers make informed purchase decisions

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