I Create a Good Selling Image?

SG Phone ListWhen posting images on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, which often set different image sizes. Therefore, a good sales image should be the right size for each platform.

The product should be seen corner Selling Image

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compar to products sold in department stores There is one disadvantage that online Latvia Phone Number List products are not able to be flipp through in every aspect. Therefore, taking product photos from various angles helps consumers understand the characteristics of the product. and see the details of the product more clearly Nowadays, many online businesses are starting to use 360-degree photography to allow consumers to see every aspect of their products.

Pictures must be real, on the cover, not exaggerat.

The phrase “doesn’t match the cover” is probably what we hear often in the era of advanc technology. There are many apps for editing product images. But for consumers, of course, seeing the real product picture on the cover, not in the eye, will give consumers confidence in the brand and have the opportunity to return to buy the product again next time.

Use a solid background to make your product stand out.

Using a rich background image Or the colors that are too flashy may steal SG Phone List the scene of the product we want to sell. look uncomfortable Therefore, using a background in simple, plain colors will help the products we want to sell stand out and be able to attract consumers better. In case the color of the product contrasts with the white background Light and shadow can be us to make the picture more beautiful.

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