The Gig Economy refers to short-term

That is, companies will turn to hire employees who are freelance or part-time instead of hiring full-time employees. to reduce welfare costs including higher flexible salary rates

This type of employment plays an important role for short-term  businesses. 

To respond quickly to fluctuating market short-term

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because the organization can manage human resources to fill in a temporary Brazil WhatsApp Number List position or according to the season of the market quickly Dealing With Soaring Demand Or complete short-term projects without long-term employment.

In addition, the Gig Economy allows for the acquisition of specific skills and expertise that may not be available to the organization according to the workload of projects. For example, a company might hire a freelance content creator , graphic designer, or software developer for a particular project instead of hiring full-time employees with those skills.

Frugality refers to the work trend that spends more time on life than on work.

This way of working is working that adheres to a minimalist or economical approach.

They don’t devote time to working for results. But choose to SG Phone List work by the time after work. no more overtime and give more time to life

On the one hand, this work trend may seem worrisome to organizations. but in fact If we look at it from another angle, we can see that Frugality is a way to create work-life balance, which is important for the stability of human resources in the organization in the long run.

Overall, Frugality is all about prioritizing meaningful and fulfilling activities and experiences that both give meaning to life and work. It enables people to better avoid things that might lighten the fire in each other’s hearts.

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