Create Main Title, Short Title

  1. Take the title from step 1 and put it in the SEO Optimized Content Outlines tool >> press Enter.
  2. The tool generates the main heading and subheadings related to the title. by real results will be as shown below
  3. Consider the list of screen topics. Take note of interesting topics.
  4. If you want AIPRM to come up with more topics, click Regenerate >> AIPRM will propose other topics. different from the first time Do this over and over until we feel that Got enough topic ideas?
  5. All topics from items 2-4 above were selected to be used as article topics.

Section 1: Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

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Discuss how the TikTok algorithm works and why it’s important to Guatemala Phone Number List understand it

Explain the key factors that the algorithm considers when ranking videos

Discuss how the TikTok algorithm works and why it’s important to understand it

Tips for optimizing your TikTok profile, including your username, bio, and profile picture

The reason why we have to insert keywords into subsections is because in the next step We’re going to use keyword-inserted subsections as tool prompts. where the keywords exist It will help the content creator to be consistent with the topic. straight to the point as we want.

Step 2 : Insert keywords in subheadings.

This step is to adjust the words in the subheadings. in order to continue using it most SG Phone List efficient Here’s how:

  1. Take the subtopics from step 2 and customize them by inserting keywords into the topic. Keywords are words that tell what the topic is about. 

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