Include a Space in Front

keyword input Don’t put in just one word. But the phrase that represents ‘Search Intent’ is important because it allows us to find a purpose. and better market trends which we should put in both the front, the back, the front and back which is based on the writing style that we have seen

Use the + sign between keywords Space in Front

to catch more than one keyword in the same sentence and prevent the case of both keywords Not next to each other, such as AIS, what promotion is there ?

In this case, we will try to enter Main Keyword and Sub Keyword for doing Market Research, an online course for a period of 1 month (20 Jan. 23 – 20 Feb. 23), with both general keyword courses and courses separated by Content such as online courses, online courses + free, online courses + marketing

and exclude keywords that may cause confusion such as online learning (which may mean students studying during COVID), clinics or training puppets that often use the same word online course.

take a moment The system will collect information from social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Forum and other channels for us, let’s see the next step!

Analyze the overview and ask questions for research. 

In 1 month (20 Jan. 23 – 20 Feb. 23), there are 3,538 Mentions for online courses, average Denmark WhatsApp Number List daily mentions about 100-150 Mentions.

When divided by platform, you can see that Facebook is the channel that people talk about online courses the most, followed by Instagram and Twitter , where the ZOCIAL EYE tool can click to SG Phone List see the results of each platform. We will come and see each other in the next step.

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