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This line of Martech will help you better manage your relationship Thai Martech  with your customers or followers on Social Media.

CRM for B2C Thai Martech 

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ChocoCRM is a membership management system. to build a regular customer base build customer loyalty Turn more casual customers into regular customers. by using various tools to help

Content Shifu used to write an introduction to doing CRM using ChocoCRM, you can see more here.


PRIMO is an Omni-channel Marketing Platform for large businesses. There SG Phone List are features like Loyalty Management and Campaign Management.


Buzzebees is a CRM and Loyalty Platform that helps large companies manage customer relationships.


Loga is a CRM system, a loyalty app for merchants that allows them to acquire new Algeria WhatsApp Number List customers and interact with existing customers through the app.


HubMember is a membership system that communicates with your members in a variety of ways. (Omni-channel Membership Platform).


CRM for B2B


JUBILI by BUILK is a CRM system for managing and analyzing B2B sales teams that helps analyze sales performance in Real-Time, suitable for all sizes of organizations.


R-CRM is a CRM system for managing sales teams, helping to track customers, know their history, track deals, and on the other hand, R-CRM can help manage sales teams systematically. Visualize deals or sales activities in progress, assign tasks, and track overall and individual outcomes.

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