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it starts with products and services. This will allow you to come up with a specific business strategy. More hopeful, that’s because a real message is a product and service It Can Be Seen. That can communicate itself from the beginning. But to become the branding universe of your business. inevitably has to expand the results in the area of ​​communication as well Because communication through media is the only tool to create and deliver meaning from a brand to millions of people. So it’s extremely important. As a result.

What aspects of your products and services, at what It Can Be Seen 

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As I said in the previous point, many leading brands compete with each SG Phone List other, that is, compete to offer value that only their brand can provide (Value Proposition) that their competitors cannot.

For example, if you are a car polishing shop. who knows the color type of each car brand each year of production

This eliminates the need to compete for the same market share as competitors who may focus on speed, price, etc.

Or to think and look

From the Marketing Mix that fellow entrepreneurs and marketers probably know Sri Lanka Phone Number List each other well, that is the 4Ps consisting of Product, Price, Place and Promotion, but in this era where consumers have a lot of bargaining power. Let’s flip it a little bit into 4Cs from wanting to sell to wanting to create something good. responding to needs Satisfied to deliver to customers

  • Product = Customer Satisfaction What satisfaction can our products and services create?
  • Price = Cost that’s Reflect to Perceive Value How much does the selling price reflect the value of the product or service?
  • Place = Convenient Buying Purchase Journey Is it consistent with the product and service characteristics?
  • Promotion = Convey Right Value to Right Target Consumer Have you communicated the difference, right value, to the right target group?

Which if reading between the lines of the 4Cs, that is, think about the heart, heart or Empathy. We go on together.

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