Marketing Technologies that Future

Normally, ZOCIAL EYE is a system that big brands used because the price is quite high Starting at about 30,000 baht per month, but Content Shifu talked to Wisesight and he understands that Social Listening is also important for small and medium-sized businesses. So they made a smaller special package. (Fewer features) and 10 times cheaper than the package for larger companies, starting at 2,500 baht per month, increasing.

Marketing Technologies

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Today’s marketing technology has come a long way. Marketer or passive businessman Not updating knowledge for yourself may not be able to keep up with the rapidly changing world

In this article, I will introduce you to 12 marketing technologies that future marketers should know.

I’ll try to give you a brief idea of ​​what’s going on, and I won’t go into too much detail. But use the method of sending links to read other articles. related instead

If you are ready, let’s get to know the marketing technology that we must know together!

No-code / Low-code

Nowadays, to make solutions to answer or solve various marketing problems. There is no need to always depend on developers, there are many good No-code / Low-code tools to help us do things ourselves.

Want to do an eCommerce system? Tools like Woocommerce, Ketshopweb , Lnwshop Macedonia Phone Number List can help.

Want to create an app? Bubble or Softr can help make dreams come true.

*In fact, many technologies As I will introduce later in this article, it is SG Phone List Low-code/No-code as well, but I want to highlight this one because I think it’s important.

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