The real meaning

Studygram is a group of people who create inspirational content for reading. Most of them are knowledgeable influencers, but when Ginger tries to press into #Studygramthailand I only found posts for selling courses. We know that schools often use this Hashtag to increase awareness. 

But at the same time, if we continue to look, we will find a learning influencer as Egypt WhatsApp Number List well. An easier way for us to Exclude Accounts of schools that use this Hashtag to cut down to posts from ordinary people instead. 

The online course market on Instagram The real meaning

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Has good engagement with image content. Most of the courses are still language courses for students preparing for exams and working age First Jobber, but we have found the #Studygram trend that can be us as an idea to create content or group influencers to help promote our courses.

Twitter catches Korean fan groups

Online courses are mention on the Twitter platform at 203 Mentions and 40,934 Engagement in 1 month. 

On Twitter, age is not distinguishable. But from the trend of using Twitter SG Phone List of Thai people, it makes us enough to know that the group of people who use Twitter is working age, First Jobber, down to the new generation. It is us to communicate and express personal opinions fully. 

Twitter is another channel for collecting good reviews. And allow us to really see what consumers think or we can hire a Twitter influencer to write reviews for us as well.

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