A tool that humans use to run ChatGPT

Currently, we can use ChatGPT to write SEO [SEO Content] articles quickly because ChatGPT can find keywords that people search for information. Come up with article ideas related to that keyword. Create content that’s as easy to read as the real author. For these reasons, ChatGPT plays an increasingly important role in SEO.

which in this article We will take a deep dive into how to use ChatGPT to create articles or content on your website. Let’s get started

To use ChatGPT, the first thing we need to understand is Prompt.

Prompt is a command or text that we type in ChatGPT to instruct ChatGPT to do or create something we want.

For example, I would like ChatGPT to write an article about An example of making Romania Phone Number List Digital Marketing successful, so I write a Prompt in ChatGPT that

Write an article about Digital marketing success case studies

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In principle, we should know about Prompt, there are 2 things:

The clearer the better , the more we write a Prompt that specifies what we want. The more results are closer to what you want.

For example, if I want Chat GPT to write an article with a title, subhead, and intro. Then try entering 2 prompts as follows.

Write an article about Chat GPT

Write an article about Chat GPT. First give me the outline, which consists of a headline, a teaser, and several subheadings.

The result is that the first prompt will return a wide range of SG Phone List information. Things that I don’t need, such as FAQs, may also appear.

While the second type of prompt will give the result more exactly what I want. Because it is a Prompt that clearly specifies what you want.

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