How to use ChatGPT

The process of creating articles using ChatGPT is similar to how people use articles. with the following steps:

  1. Do Keyword Research to find out What words do people use to search for information on Google?
  2. When it comes to interesting keywords, use ChatGPT to come up with article titles related to the keywords.
  3. Use ChatGPT to create a main topic. article subtopics
  4. Use ChatGPT to create the content of each paragraph.
  5. Translate content from English to Thai.
  6. Edit, refine, refine the content again. To make it easy to read and understand.

Next, let’s look at an example of article writing in a Step-By-Step style.

Step 1 : Do Keyword Research

The first step in creating SEO Content is doing Keyword Research, which is Nepal Phone Number List a search engine. What words do people use to search for information on Google?

You can read how to do Keyword Research in detail here.

In this article, it is assumed that I want to write an article about the TikTok platform, after doing keyword research and found that “TikTok followers” is one of the keywords that people use to search for information on Google, so I use the term “TikTok followers” as raw materials for the next step

Step 2 : Use ChatGPT to figure out the title of the article.

  1. Specify keywords or what you want to create content for. For example, if you SG Phone List want to write about TikTok followers, set “TikTok followers” ​​as the subject we want to write. Take the title from the step.
  2. Bring the subject you want to write Put it in the Topical Authority tool >> press Enter. The tool will start suggesting ideas to use as article titles. Example as shown below.

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