Translate designs

If you have plans to expand your business globally or working in an international organization Of course, creating multilingual infographics or slides is inevitable. Many people choose to translate the text on a translation website before placing it on the image or slide, which is quite time-consuming. Also not sure if the translation program is reliable enough or not.

Magic Eraser and Magic Edit Translate designs Translate designs 

Phone Number List

Removing unwant people or objects in photos is no longer difficult when using Israel Phone Number List the Magic Eraser feature . Select to paint on the object and it will disappear easily. Just like this, you will get beautiful pictures. post on social media You can also use the Magic Edit feature to remove other items. can be replac in the picture or even cutting photos Add filters, stickers, colorize your photos to make them unique and unique in your own way.

Beat Sync

When it comes to videos that can attract viewers. Of course, the right sound effects will greatly help the video to be at the top. Therefore, music selection is essential in creating an engaging video. You SG Phone List can upload the songs you want to use. Then use the Beat Sync feature and it will help align the footage perfectly with the beat of the soundtrack. This saves even more time. You can also get videos that are ready to post on social media in just a few minutes.


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