Image Formats, there are two options

  • Method 1: Change one image at a time
    • Step 1 : Squoosh is an image converter created by GoogleChromeLabs. This tool is very popular because it is free, easy to use, has a mobile app as well.
    • Step 2 : Convert the image’s file type As shown in the report, Serve images in next-gen format until complete, then upload it to replace the original two options image.

Method 2 : Use a Plugin two options

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If you’re using a popular CMS like WordPress, changing Image Formats can be done Italy WhatsApp Number List easily using a plugin.

Because the plugin can fix more than one image problem. Therefore, I would like to explain the problem completely and then introduce the plugin at the end of the article. See plugin details atWordPress Plugin for Image Optimization

Properly Size is to use the image in accordance with the screen size. The principle is that SG Phone List the image should not exceed the width of the display device screen.

For example, if the phone screen has a width of 300 Px, the image displayed on the mobile should not exceed 300 Px in width.

The most common problem is the images on the website. It has a width size suitable for displaying on a notebook or computer (approximately 1200 Px), but nowadays people mainly view website content via mobile phones. As a result, the width of the image overflows the screen. Example as shown below.

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