Later in the use of keywords 

Online and language courses It still ranks number one, but when looking at Hashtags, there are quite a lot of Hashtags related to #Dek66. both online tutoring and tutoring architecture drawing When you click to see what posts are related to these Hashtags, most of them are posts for selling language courses and drawings for tutoring in architecture.

The market for online courses on Facebook use of keywords

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Is the most talked about and most of them are about language courses. The target group is working age and preparing to go to college. The content that should be pictures and albums

From here, it can be seen that the market is most towards children preparing Ecuador WhatsApp Number List for exams. But the users are adults, so teenagers may not see Facebook posts, but rather their parents. This allows us to get some interesting insights before moving on to content and marketing strategies.

And if we want to gather more working people, we can go to Exclude Keywords related to #Dek66 #Architecture to be more specific to working age groups.

Instagram with interesting #Studygram trends]

Online courses on the Instagram platform are mentioned at 493 Mentions and 61,269 Engagement in 1 month.

Most of the target groups are First Jobber and school age , and on Instagram, the most talked about keywords are still language online courses. But when we look at Hashtags, we see SG Phone List interesting words like #Studygram #Studygramthailand too.

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