Guidelines for using ChatGPT

OpenAI reveal that GPT-4, the latest version of ChatGPT, at the time of writing this article. There is a lack of knowledge of events after September 2021. This means that if you use ChatGPT with general information that time periods do not affect, such as facts that do not change.

Or knowledge that has been around for a long time That’s fine, but Facebook Ads is an ever-changing platform. Tools or functions are constantly add, chang, or discontinu, and the names of tools or functions are often changed. As a result, the use of ChatGPT with Facebook Ads is currently limit.

Users should have a basic knowledge

Facebook Ads at a level enough to distinguish which information from Cambodia Phone Number List ChatGPT should be pick up and us. and which information should not be because it is not updat will make the use of ChatGPT with Facebook Ads the most effective

From the fact that I have tri using ChatGPT with Facebook Ads for a while, I would like to divide the purpose of using it into 4 items to make you understand more clearly.

Purpose 1 – Us to plan Facebook Ads.

If anyone who has been using Facebook Ads for a long time It is enough to see the changes of this advertising platform all the time. This change is both caus by SG Phone List the platform itself. or other advertising platforms That came to affect the use that has chang. Makes planning a campaign before doing Facebook Ads more necessary.

You can use ChatGPT to help recommend and plan Facebook Ads advertising campaigns, I would like to give an example to see below.

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