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ZOCIAL EYE is a social listening tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Most often us in Monitoring Brand to listen to the voice of customers who use it. And penetrate trends that can be us to make marketing strategies But if we don’t have a big brand that we are talking about. Another purpose of use is to do Market Research.

In here, Ginger will try to do Market Research for the online course market in Thailand. By collecting data for 1 month before, but the fact that it will expand to 3-4 months is good.

Enter Main Keyword and Sub Keyword relat using Social 

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Keywords are the most important part of Social Listening, us to capture social trends from.

All platforms for data visualization, so they ne to be put in mind the writing style of the target market.

For example, we chose a keyword as ‘ (Space) what promotion does AIS have ‘What promotion does AIS have today?

Thinking of the picture is easy, the system will capture the keywords and the writing style of that keyword as well. Today, Ginger has a summary of techniques for adding Keywords for Social Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List Listening Tools for you below.

**After this, I would like to replace the space with a _ symbol.

No spaces are require, such as AIS  .

It will capture every sentence that contains the keyword AIS, for example, what is SG Phone List AIS ? Entering a keyword followe by a sentence then helps in screening.

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